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August/September CNY Landowner Coalition Update

Dear Coalition Friend:

All indications from the media and Albany at this time points to a near Labor Day disclosure of the state’s regulations and decisions on natural gas exploration.  

As we get closer to that date we begin to see some new faces . . .

 . . . Coming to your Town Board meetings:
As crazy as it seems – after 4 years of calling our senator or assemblyman, after over 12,000 man hours of study on the part of the DEC, it appears as though the DEC will take its cues from your town board if there will be drilling in your town.  These boards are being inundated with so much false information to sway supervisors and councilmen to institute a ban or moratorium on gas development within their borders.

So far the town boards of Guilford, Preston, Afton, Greene, Coventry, German and Unadilla have indicated their desire to defer to the study and regulations of the DEC regarding gas drilling.  Some towns (especially Plymouth, North Norwich, Columbus, etc.) are heavily targeted with misinformation from anti-drilling activists.  YOUR TOWN BOARD MUST HEAR FROM YOU.  If our entire coalition contacted their town board members, local resistance could easily be held in check.

  1. Please find out who your town board members are and when they meet (Chenango county landowners view this link . . . http://www.co.chenango.ny.us/clerk/documents/co.pdf)
  2. Use the following letter (downloadable here) as a template for town board discussions or as a letter to send to your town board.  Send them in, contact your town board and/or attend town board meetings very soon to keep your town from taking away your personal property rights.

Most town boards comment that they hear very little from our side of the argument.  It is imperative that your voice be heard if you want your rights to be protected!

. . . Coming to broker or buy your mineral rights:
Now that leasing and production are genuine possibilities, we are beginning to see new faces coming to our region to profit off of your land.  For quite some time, a couple of “Land Services” companies have been sending letters out to landowners in our coalition trying to get people to sell their mineral rights to them.  Remember, this is a sale and not a lease.  After the sale you will not own your minerals and will never receive another penny for them again!  In nearly every situation, a mineral sale is not the way to go.  If you have any questions about a mineral rights sale please contact us about this.

New landowner coalitions are also entering the mix as we near the finish line.  Some claim to have greater protections and offer more financial benefits to landowners wanting to join their group.  Some groups want to broker your land.  You must sign with them exclusively and turn over to them a percentage of your future earnings. 

At CNY, if you like the offer we negotiate for you, all you will ever pay to our attorneys is $20 an acre flat fee.  If you do not like the offer, you pay nothing!  No one has better property protections in their lease than our coalition.  Also, with over 214,000 acres in our coalition, no one can negotiate a more contiguous block of land with the gas companies than CNY.  It’s your land and you can do with it as you want that’s why we do not lock you into an exclusive brokerage agreement.  You are well positioned with our coalition and our attorneys to get the best offers and protections that you can get for your property!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

On behalf of the Steering Committee,

Brian Conover

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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