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DEC Update and Tuesday Press Conferences

Dear Coalition Friend:
I wanted to connect with you for a moment to share how proud I am of your hard work for this cause and alert you to special Press Conferences occurring across the state this Tuesday, January 10th at 10:30am.
WELL OVER 5,000 Letters to the DEC from our Coalition:
You have much to be proud of! Over 11,000 signed letters were collected from NY coalitions with nearly half of those coming from our coalition alone! About 6 weeks ago, we partnered with the Joint Landowner's Coalition to have individual coalition members sign papers assenting to a larger document being developed by the JLC leadership. We had hoped to contribute 3,000 letters toward this cause BUT you had greater plans by sending well over 5,000 letters to the JLC. Great work! The document of SGEIS revision suggestions has been finalized and will be handed to the DEC on Tuesday with the final stack of over 11,000 supporting signatures. That will grab their attention!
Press Conferences that could use your support - Tuesday at 10:30am:
At the same time on Tuesday when the DEC is being handed our supporting letters and the document of SGEIS revision suggestions, there will be 5 rallies and press conferences occurring across NY state at exactly 10:30am. We STRONGLY encourage your participation at one of the two closest to our coalition:
The Carriage House - 790 Southside Drive Oneonta, NY
Holiday Inn Arena (Tioga Room) - 8 Hawley Street Binghamton, NY
Future Legislation That We’ll Battle Together:
As we finish this comment period by the DEC on January 11th, know that political activists desiring to stop drilling are working with politicians to craft legislation intending to shut down drilling in NY. In the next few weeks we’ll be seeing both “moratorium” and “home rule” laws coming to the forefront – all intended to block the opportunity to responsible natural gas development. If we act, like we did with the letter/signature campaign, we’ll have a big impact on the political end of this and we’ll help move safe drilling forward in 2012. Be looking for email updates in future weeks on how to counter anti-gas legislation.
Friend, we are advancing this cause. We are beginning to win this battle. Please don’t lose heart but continue to partner with us. The finish line is in sight, let’s give it our best final push to make this a reality this year.
In this together,
Brian Conover

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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