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Two Final Hurdles

Town Elections and Public Hearings Then . . . Let's Lease!

After nearly 3 and a half years of work, we are finally seeing the finish line. The momentum at the national level and at our state level toward harvesting natural gas is greater than ever before.  We are clearly headed in the right direction and, after clearing these two final hurdles, will be in a positive position to cross the finish line.

Yes, there is interest in the greater regions of our coalition.  Yes, we have talked to different industry groups about leasing our lands. However, the industry wants to see the final regulations of the state and understand the reception that gas drilling will receive in your region before they sign on the dotted line.  The good news is that we can help with these last two hurdles.  I'll explain in a minute. 

Sensing defeat at the national and state levels, local anti-gas groups are putting the pressure on local town boards to strip landowners of their rights to the full value of their properties.  Anti-gas/anti-growth groups have been targeting your town boards to pass bans on natural gas development.  Their current push is to elect anti-gas representatives to your town boards in this November election in an effort to stop gas drilling from coming to your town.  We need to keep this from happening.

The amount of inaccurate statements, dis-proven material, incomplete "studies," exaggerations and flat out lies that are being expressed from anti-gas activists are currently at an all-time high.  We have heard all the claims that drilling causes earthquakes to the more recent, fracking kills chickens and causes cats to urinate blood (honestly, we don't make this stuff up!). 

We cannot let up as we approach the finish line!  We must put in our best efforts and push forward these last number of months to make our dreams become reality.  Here are the last big things we need to do.

  1. VOTE FOR YOUR TOWN BOARD REPRESENTATIVES:  This year we have a sleeper election.  With no major political positions up for grabs, the anti's feel good about electing their candidates to your town board.  WE ALL NEED TO SHOW UP TO THIS NEXT ELECTION AND VOTE!!  KNOW YOUR CANDIDATE'S POSITIONS ON ALL MATTERS AND VOTE THE WAY THAT BEST IMPACTS YOUR LIFE AND FAMILY.  The opposition is planning on voting – ARE YOU???


  1. ATTEND AND/OR SPEAK AT THE DEC PUBLIC HEARINGS: The DEC has scheduled 4 special public hearings to gain additional perspective from residents on the SGEIS and drilling.  We must show up in good numbers to attend and speak the closest event location to you to validate the DEC and our Governor's direction toward safe drilling.  A listing of the public hearing event locations can be found at the following link: http://www.dec.ny.gov/energy/75370.html.  In the near future, we'll also connect with you about positive ways we can participate in the current comment period.

Know that your partnership in this endeavor is very valuable to us.  Together, we can accomplish more. If we truly do our best to finish this year with a powerful statement for natural gas, next year ought to bring us great things!

On Behalf of the Steering Committee;

Brian Conover

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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