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Political Victories - Industry Interest: We're Getting Close

Legislative Victories – Industry Interest!
We’re Getting Close!

These past few weeks have yielded some of our greatest landowner victories yet.  The climate for leasing and natural gas development in NY is better than what it has been in the last 3 years.  Read on to see what we’ve done together, what is happening now and what will happen in the near future with the CNY Landowner’s Coalition.

The New York Legislature ended their session on Friday night.  Despite all the attempts of the anti-gas activists, not one piece of legislation was passed against natural gas development in New York State.  This great news stands in contrast to the efforts of the legislature in years past. 

This tremendous victory is due to your efforts to call/email/write your state representatives and Governor Cuomo.  The Joint Landowner’s Coalition, with the help of their political consultant, was a major partnering force to also be credited for the win.  With no added moratorium – we are ready for the next draft of the SGEIS to be released with no legal impediments – and that shouldn’t be far away.

The New York State DEC is within days of releasing its state-of-the-art Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.  It must be stated that there is no other governmental agency, whether state or federal, that has spent more time, money and study to completely understand the all elements of gas drilling than our state DEC.  We are within days of seeing the fruit of their over 3-year labours.  Without a doubt, these will be the most comprehensive, environmentally sensitive natural gas regulations in all the world.  When the SGEIS is released, we’ll alert you ASAP and communicate the process for public comment and permitting as laid out by the Governor and the DEC.

The industry is turning its attention, once again, to New York.  As news of our legislative victory and imminent release of the SGEIS was circulating, gas companies turned to the phones to connect with our coalition.  In addition to our prior interest, the past week has brought two new companies that expressed greater optimism in our state and showed a desire to pursue our coalition for natural gas development.  We fully expect that as the political climate in NY is de-risked, companies will be emboldened to lease land and begin exploration.  Know that we’ll keep you informed as this develops.

The chatter on our website forum has been increasing along with the growing optimism in our state’s openness to natural gas development.  There is some great discussion on the forum that will keep you informed as well as give you answers to some of the latest developments in the business.  Log onto www.cnylandcoalition.org and click on the discussion forum to keep current with the worlds of natural gas and our coalition.

We trust to bring you the good news of the SGEIS release in the near future.  Thanks for your partnership with the Central New York Landowner’s Coalition.

In This Together,

Brian Conover
CNY Landowner’s Coalition

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There are 194,500 acres represented in the Coalition as of 8/18/2010. The latest gas offers in New York State are $3000/acre with 20% royalties.

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